Fall Soccer 2016

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What a season! Soccer clubs nationwide moved to birth years for teams this year so Kayla was forced to find a new team. Luckily, she found a perfect fit! She was put on a team that turned out to have the Dad of girl in her first grade class as a coach. The girls became friends at soccer and at … Read More

Soccer Buds

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Back on the field for Spring soccer. Only one thing better than playing soccer…playing with your best buddy! Kayla’s best buddy and neighbor, Zoe, joined our team this season! Now, hopefully we can keep the talking to a minimum and play ball.

My First Soccer Game

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After going to more soccer games that she can count, Kayla decided that it was her turn this season. “I want to play in games too”, she said. So we signed her up. The play 3 on 3. Co-ed. No goalie. I will have to video one of the games. “Herding cats” or similar analogies come to mind. The kids … Read More