Time For A Blue Run

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Kayla was ready to hit the slopes again yesterday. However, when we got there, something seemed off. She was tired for one. This probably won’t go well. The hardest part about skiing with kids is getting from the car onto the lift for the first time. After that, gravity and the lifts do most of the work. Prior, it can … Read More

I Can Ski

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I knew this day would come this season. But I didn’t expect it to be today. Reagan actually made it happen. She came home from her first ski day of the season and convinced this 4 year old that she needs to be there. Tomorrow! The weather was good and she was still game in the morning so I figured … Read More

Happy 3rd Birthday

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Another year gone by! With Kayla, Kim and I have the bittersweet sensation that we are done with that age now as Kayla passes through it. Kayla kept reminding us about her birthday for weeks saying “its my birthday!”. I don’t think she knew what it was but it sure sounded neat. The big question is always about what type … Read More