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Kim was out raking and quickly found she wasn’t getting much done. Apparently, a pile of leaves means playtime to some! She decided to take a few pictures of the action. They were just too cute to pass up. The girls took turns throwing leaves up into the air onto each other. Even Kayla had a turn. As long as … Read More

My First Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday! Its my First Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! We has some cupcakes and some (re)gifting. Hoping to have a bigger party soon with lots of folks included! Kayla Turns 1 from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Kayla Rides

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Having 3 kids just means you repeat a lot of the same stuff you did with the first 2 on the 3rd. Remember Reagan Rides? So we got out the walker thing and did it over again. Plus, added on some other achievements at the end. Kayla Rides from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

RV Trip – Durango and Mesa Verde National Park

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Our next stop would be in the town of Durango. We picked this location because it was within a few miles of Mesa Verde which is one of Colorado’s four National Parks. We also found a great campground in Durango called the Durango Riverside Resort. It would turn out to be our favorite camp of the trip. As we pulled … Read More