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Being this is our 3rd child, we opted to stay in the hospital for just one night. Kim wasn’t sleeping well in the hospital bed and the baby was doing great so it seemed like the right move. Kayla spent the morning sleeping and eating.


I was excited to hang out with her in my fold-out couch. Babies are the best excuse for being lazy! You just have to hang out with them.


Please call up my car. I am ready to go home!


We arrived home to an empty house because the rest of the family was scattered around town. So I went off to round them all up and get everyone back under one roof!

Night One Complete

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After getting the girls back to our neighbors, I ran errands and got a few things together and came back to the hospital. I rented a DVD for us to watch but Kim and I were drifting the entire time through it. Plus, there are the constant interruptions from the staff seeing how things are going. Probably will miss the help in a day.

Kayla is a night owl so it wasn’t easy to get sleep — for Kim. I was in a state of zombie walking asking if anyone needed anything. No? OK. Crash. Huh? OK. Crash. Apparently in the wee hours there was a big diaper change and other fun with nurses and I was sound asleep. I used to be a light sleeper but not anymore. After a 100 mile week of running then an all night baby delivery, my body was done.

Kim got some sleep early in the AM as Kayla finally crashed out for an extended period. We went to our discharge class to learn about all the baby stuff they have changed in the last 4 years since we did this last time. Apparently, our current children should be deemed defective. Probably keep them anyway.

Doing final doctor checks now and then we should be heading home in an hour or so. Our girls are trading houses and going to some other friend’s tonight so we can have a little more quiet time. My parents fly in tomorrow so we will have 4 extra hands for about a week.

Full coverage of the trip home later today.

Sisters Unite

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We were excited to go and get the girls today to come meet their new sister. Sydney is staying with her best friend, who was gone at camp most of the day, so when I arrived to take her to see the new baby, she wasn’t so excited. They had BFF stuff to do I guess. We talked her into it and ran to the store to pick out flowers and balloons for Mom and Baby Kayla. We arrived at the hospital and let the girls take turns holding and getting to know their new sister.